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Spire add-ons extend the core functionality for more industry specific features.

Robust capabilities make it easier to grow your business. Spire add-on modules will further simplify, automate, and streamline processes that make it easier to grow your business.


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Canadian businesses can now simplify their payroll processing with automatic calculation of provincial and federal deductions. Designed with an intuitive interface, the Spire Payroll add-on allows you to easily view employee earnings, benefits, deductions and taxes from one screen.

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Production Manager

Efficiently plan production from beginning to end and track progress with real-time information on raw materials, costs and production status. The Spire Production Manager add-on lets you control inventory with pinpoint accuracy, reduce unplanned expenses and improve cash flow.

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Service Manager

The Spire Service Manager add-on will help improve customer satisfaction and increase the effciency of your service business. This add-on gives you quick access to all service records, making it easy to track the service history of each piece of equipment your customer owns.