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Frequently Asked Questions

Clearview's frequently asked questions with answers to help you further consider Spire

Spire is the right solution for users looking to upgrade to a more flexible and scalable solution using modern technologies. Small and mid-sized businesses benefit from a business management software designed to meet customer demand, improve efficiency and profitability. strategies, identifying opportunities that might be overlooked internally.

It’s possible that your company is outgrowing your current business management software. Here are four reasons why you may need to upgrade to Spire:

  • Simple tasks that cause performance issues and take longer to complete
  • The maximum concurrent users on your software has been reached
  • Lack of features and the ability to add more functionality
  • Current software uses older technology and newer operating systems may not allow them to work

This can vary on each implementation. Please contact us!

Getting Started

Spire comes with 20 core modules plus Microsoft Power BI Connector

Spire allows unlimited companies on the same server.

If you are a current BusinessVision or QuickBooks Desktop user, we have a conversion tool that will convert your data to Spire.

For non-BusinessVision users, our import from Excel tool will allow you to import master files.


Yes, Spire supports locally installed versions of Microsoft Office.

Spire supports the following Microsoft Windows editions:

  • Windows 10 (excluding Home editions)
  • Windows 11 (excluding Home editions)
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2022

Support is provided by Clearview Business Solutions, as your Spire Authorized Partner.

At this time, Spire is only compatible with Microsoft Windows. In the future we plan on a Mac and a Linux version. 

Training is provided by Clearview Business Solutions, your Spire Authorized Partner.

Add-On Services

No, add-on modules must be purchased separately.

Download Evaluation Checklist PDF

This will help you in selecting the right accounting and business management software